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Заметка написана ночью 19 мая 2010 в категориях: websites, software, money

Хороший пример того, как не нужно увеличивать цены SaaS-компаниям:


Еще недовольные клиенты:


и еще:


Я очень удачно выбрал тариф и вариант оплаты, так что до 2012 года остаюсь с ними, так как само решение они предоставляют действительно одно из лучших.

Добавлено: Zendesk одумались:

We’ve spent the last two and a half years building this company by putting our customers first and meeting their needs. When we decided to make a change to the Zendesk pricing structure for our existing customers, we tried to be as thoughtful, transparent, and straightforward as possible. We failed. We let you down. And we apologize.
We have received a lot of feedback from our very passionate customers since these changes were first announced. We have spent the last 48 hours answering questions on our support forum, on the phone, and in person. We have also been reaching out to our customers to truly understand the heart of why you are upset.
As a result, we will be grandfathering pricing to all of our existing customers — without a time limit. For the same price you’ve always paid, you will receive the same functionality that you had in the past, in addition to the new community support and knowledge base features we announced on Tuesday. No further action is needed. Period.

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