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Warranty check


Warranty Check

Use the warranty check tool to view the details of your product warranties.

Enter the country/region of purchase, product number, and serial number(s) and click Submit.

This tool does not apply to Pavilion, Presario, and other consumer products. Please visit Services & Warranties for Home & Home Office.


Warranty Check


Battery Replacement Program

Sony initiated a global replacement program for certain lithium-ion notebook computer battery packs manufactured by the company to address the concerns of customers over the recent over-heating incidents in certain notebooks manufactured by companies other than Sony. We encourage all customers to check to see if their battery is affected and to follow the directions on proper use of their VAIO notebook and battery in Important Safety Information and Precautions. If you are eligible, a free battery will be provided to you.

The voluntary replacement program only applies to certain models and serial numbers of the VAIO battery packs. Select your battery model and part number from the drop-down boxes, type your serial number and then click the Check Battery button.

Manuals, Specs & Warranty


Warranty check



Warranty check

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