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Wikipedia: DCOP

DCOP, which stands for Desktop COmmunication Protocol, is a light-weight interprocess and software componentry communication system. The main point of this system is to allow applications to interoperate, and to share complex tasks. Essentially, DCOP is a ‘remote control’ system, which allows an application or a script to enlist the help of other applications. It is built on top of the X Window System’s Inter-Client Exchange protocol.

man dcop

dcop is a console DCOP (Desktop Communications Protocol) client.


  • dcop –list-sessions –all-users — покажет все активные сессии KDE для всех пользователей

Проблемы и решения

Проблема: Решение:
При подключении по SSH:
dcop --session .DCOPserver_gluekcomp__0
ERROR: Couldn't attach to DCOP server!
Указывать переменную DISPLAY при подключении:
ssh [email protected] "DISPLAY=:0 /usr/kde/3.5/bin/dcop amarok ..."


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